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We at Abruzzofoods believe in the fact that everyone should create HIS journey, in his or her own image.

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Green Adventure

If you love nature and want to discover beautiful places, Abruzzo is the perfect destination for you. Abruzzo is the greenest region in Europe, with three national parks, one regional park and more than 30 nature reserves.

Here you can have a green adventure in contact with wildlife, enjoy outdoor sports, taste local products and local hospitality. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this wonderful land, rich in history, culture and traditions. Come and have a green adventure in Abruzzo!

Discover Abruzzo with us!

If you want to live an unforgettable experience, follow our advice and book your stay in one of our selected hotels, where you will find comfort, hospitality and quality.

Don’t miss the flavors of Abruzzo cuisine, which you can enjoy in the restaurants we suggest.

And to make your trip even more special, try the experiential activities we have chosen for you.